E-reader Comparison Chart

E-reader Comparison Chart See quickly and easily with our e-reader comparison chart which e-reader is right for you. Our e-reader chart will let you at a glance compare the screen size, height, length, battery life and prices of the top rated e-readers on the market. Along with our e-reader chart you will find in depth descriptions and each of the models in our chart, helping you decide on just the right electronic ebook reader is right for you wants and needs. E-readers are the quickly becoming the standard for reading novels, short stories and even getting your newspaper delivered instantly to your electronic reader. Keeping you up to the minute on almost anything that is available in paper print today. But deciding just which e-reader is right for you can be a challenge. That's where our e-reader comparison chart can help you cut through the confusion to help you make the right decision before spending your hard earned money on the wrong model. Screen size, and battery life is two important things to look at. A larger screen can help if the e-reader is for an elderly person or someone who has a hard time reading small print. Battery life can make a big difference if you plan on taking your e-reader places for long periods of time that do not have a power source to recharge. Such as if you camp a lot, or plan on taking it on long plane trips. Getting the longest battery life for these purposes will be essential. An example is most e-reader models that have a smaller screen will last a lot longer than the larger screen models. With our detailed descriptions of each model and our e-reader chart you can weigh the pros and cons of each model to help you decide which one will be the right fit for you before you buy.
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