Compare Kindles Models 3G to Wi-Fi Book Reader

Compare Kindles 3G and Wi-Fi Keyboard Models

The price of the Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G is now only $139.

The Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G is the next step ebook and pdf reader in the keyboard Amazon Kindle models. It has a 6-inch viewing screen.

When you compare Kindles 3G keyboard model and the starter Wi-Fi 6-inch keyboard screen unit you will find that they are very similar except for how they connect to the internet to download your new ebooks from

The Kindle 3G is now only $139 with special offers. Compare Kindle 3G to Kindle Wi-Fi and you will see they both have same physical size - 7.5″ tall, 4.8″ wide, and 0.335″ deep. They can each store 3,500 books. Each model has an average battery life of 1 month with the wireless internet connection turned off.

An internet connection is not required to read ebooks, only to download new ones. It takes an average of 60 seconds to download an ebook to your Kindle.

The only real difference when you compare Kindles Wi-Fi and 3G models is how you connect to the internet with your book reader.

The 3G model is equipped with free 3G internet connection anywhere in the world, plus it has Wi-Fi built in so you can use your own internet connection at home or anywhere there is an internet hotspot.

Having 3G connection anywhere is a tremendous advantage if you don’t have wireless internet at home, as well as when you want to download new books in a park, lake or other remote location. 3G connects almost anywhere there is cell phone service available.

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Compare Kindles 3G, Wi-Fi and Kindle DX  models sizes and prices with our e-reader comparison chart:

Kindle Review E-Reader Comparison Chart

Kindle Wi-Fi Keyboard pictureKindle Keyboard Free 3G pictureKindle DX picture
Kindle Keyboard Wi-FiKindle Keyboard Free 3GKindleDX
Screen6 inch E-Ink6 inch E-Ink9.7 inch E-Ink
Depth0.34 inches0.34 inches0.38
Height7.5 inches7.5 inches10.4 inches
Width4.8 inches4.8 inches7.2 inches
Weight8.5 ounces8.7 ounces18.9 ounces
Free ShippingYesYesYes
$139 (special offers not available at this time)$139 with special offers$199 special offers model not available
Learn more about the Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Click HereLearn more about the Kindle Keyboard Free 3G Click HereLearn more about the 9.7 inch large screen Kindle DX Click Here

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