Kindle Review - Compare Kindles 2014 Models

Kindle Review - complete reviews of Kindle 2014 models - including features, screen sizes, physical sizes, battery life and prices to compare Kindles newest models - the most popular e-readers on earth.

Kindle has more 5 star reviews than any other product sold on Amazon.

Our Kindle reviews will help you evaluate and decide which Kindle is perfect for your entertainment wants and needs.

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Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Review – Kindle Fire Is A Much More Serious Tablet Contender Than Ever Before

A major upgrade with more power and better graphics makes the Kindle Fire HDX a much more serious tablet contender than ever before.

The Kindle Fire HD came out in 2012, and has now been improved and enhanced for the new line called HDX, consisting of the 7-inch model (replacing the 2012 Kindle Fire HD) currently selling for $229, and an 8.9-inch version (replacing the 2012 Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch) starting at $379. Each unit is available in 16GB, 32 GB or 64GB form factors.

Kindle Fire HDX is available “With Special Offers” or “Without Special Offers.” The first version is lower priced, and presents the user with a variety of commercial advertisements introducing new products. These are limited-time offers exclusive to Kindle. Amazon customers familiar with “Lightning Deals” will be familiar with…read all

Kindle Paperwhite models

Kindle Paperwhite Models – The New Game Changer In E-readers

Amazon worked on the technology behind the Kindle Paperwhite for over two years.

It took them that long to perfect the evenness of the built-in light. They flatten a fiber optic cable into a sheet, and then use nanoimprinting to gain an even distribution of light. The patented design uses nanoscale diffractive patterns to ensure total control of the light.

In addition, they used energy-efficient LEDs, so that the unit requires very small amounts of power to spread the light evenly across the entire screen.

Kindle has over 180,000…read all

Kindle HD models

Three Kindle Fire HD Models- An Affordable Tablet For Every Member Of The Family

Will a low-price, high-definition tablet be enough to help the world’s largest online retailer fend off tough rivals like Google and Apple?

Consumers can now choose between a Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model starting at $139.

An 8.9-inch model (Now HDX)for $379 (16GB).

And the high-end 8.9-inch 4G LTE model (Now HDX)read all

cuddly with questions

Where Can I Buy A Kindle?

The question of “Where can I buy a Kindle?” should really be a question of “Where should I buy a Kindle?”

Important to decide is…read all

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Kindle Touch Picture

Kindle Review – Kindle 4 E-Ink Book Reader Models Offer Fantastic Reading at Incredible Prices

Among the flurry of new Kindle products hitting the shelves this year are various models of the next generation of Kindle book reader models, known as the Kindle 4.

The new Pearl E-Ink screens – three new models are featured in our Kindle review: the Kindle base line starter model, the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Touch 3G.

Unlike the Kindle 3, there is no physical keyboard on any Kindle 4 model.

The current selections available to download lets you choose from over 1 million books, magazines, newspapers, and more.

Most books are…read all

Physical Sizes of the 2012 E-Ink Kindle Models

Kindle 4 pictureKindle Touch Wi-Fi pictureKindle Touch Wi-Fi + Free 3G picture
Kindle 4Kindle Touch Wi-FiKindle Touch Free 3G
Screen6 inch E-Ink6 inch E-Ink6 inch E-Ink
Depth0.31 inches0.40 inches0.40 inches
Length6.5 inches9.61 inches9.61 inches
Width4.5 inches6.77 inches6.77 inches
Weight0.38 pounds0.96 pounds0.96 pounds
Free ShippingYesYesYes
$69 with special offers$99 with special offers$149 with special offers
Learn more about the all new Kindle 4 Click HereLearn more about Kindle Touch Wi-Fi Click HereLearn more about Kindle Touch Free 3G Click Here

Compare Kindles Wi-Fi model picture

Compare Kindles Models Wi-Fi to 3G Book Reader

Our Kindle review here is to compare Kindles Wi-Fi and the Kindle 3G book reader. First we see they are physically the same size – 7.5″ tall, 4.8″ wide, and 0.335″ deep with a 6 inch screen.

With the recent price drop, the Kindle Wi-Fi is one of the most popular e-readers on the planet. The Kindle Wi-Fi keyboard model is $139 (special offers model not available at this time).

When you compare the Kindle Wi-Fi and the 3G models, they both have 6-inch display screens. Both store 3,500 books.

Both models have an average battery life of 1 month. Internet connection is not needed to read ebooks, only to…read all

Compare Kindles 3G to Wi-Fi  Model Picture

Compare Kindles Models 3G to Wi-Fi Book Reader

The Kindle review of the Wi-Fi + 3G is the next step ebook and pdf reader in the Amazon Kindle keyboard models. It has a 6-inch viewing screen.

The price of the Kindle 3G is now available for only $139.

Comparing the Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G keyboard model to the starter Wi-Fi only keyboard model you will find that both Kindle book reader units are very similar except for the…read all

Compare Kindles Wi-Fi and 3g Models to Kindle DX Model Picture

Compare Kindles Book Reader Models DX to Wi-Fi and 3G

Kindle Review – top of the line Kindle keyboard – the Kindle DX. It is the largest Kindle book reader available on the market today.

When you compare Kindles Wi-Fi and 3G to the DX – the Wi-Fi and 3G models have a 6-inch screen where the Kindle DX has a whopping 9.7 inch screen! Even though it is so large…read all

Physical Sizes of Kindle Keyboard Models

Kindle Wi-Fi Keyboard pictureKindle Keyboard Free 3G pictureKindle DX picture
Kindle Keyboard Wi-FiKindle Keyboard Free 3GKindleDX
Screen6 inch E-Ink6 inch E-Ink9.7 inch E-Ink
Depth0.34 inches0.34 inches0.38
Height7.5 inches7.5 inches10.4 inches
Width4.8 inches4.8 inches7.2 inches
Weight8.5 ounces8.7 ounces18.9 ounces
Free ShippingYesYesYes
$139 (special offers not available at this time)$139 with special offers$199 special offers model not available
Learn more about the Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Click HereLearn more about the Kindle Keyboard Free 3G Click HereLearn more about the 9.7 inch large screen Kindle DX Click Here